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  • Data: 21th of May, 2022
  • Prowadzący: Els Vidts, FreeDogz Belgium
  • Miejsce: Zoom on-line class
  • Rodzaj szkolenia: Webinar
  • Niższa cena: 38 EUR
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  • This is an English-speaking event.

Sensory integration in the dog.
An introductory webinar by Els Vids.

Sensory integration therapy (SI) has been developed in the 1970s. With recent developments in the scientific field of neurology it is gaining in popularity. As we learn more about how the information coming from the senses is organised and integrated in the brain, the importance and implications of SI therapy are better understood.

How well the sensory information is processed in the brain will determine whether the individual will be able to come up with appropriate and adaptive behaviour in a certain context. This applies to humans and dogs!

Dogs that have been chronically over- or under stimulated with sensory information can experience difficulties with sensory integration processing. These dogs will benefit from SI therapy. Puppies and adolescent dogs who go through mental and physical changes and normal growth may also experience benefits from SI exercises.

In this introductory webinar, we will look at the definition of sensory integration and consider the importance of SI therapy and exercises in the development of the dog, in behaviour modification plans and in physical therapy. We will go deeper into what sensory integration means and how it can benefit our dogs.

The dog owner will be able to do some basic exercises with his dog as they will be demonstrated in case examples and videos. The dog trainer and behavioural therapist will have a broader understanding of how the senses play an important role in behaviour problems and how to use sensory stimulation in a way that will benefit the behaviour modification plan.


  • Time: Saturday 21th of May, 10:00-113:00 Polish time, CET (GMT+1). There will be a short break in the middle.
  • Price: 38 EUR for the live event + recordings (price already include a processing fee). For PayPal payment please use the address magda@followyourdog.co.uk For Revolut, card and ApplePay use https://revolut.me/magdaurbangray
  • Platform: Zoom.
  • Language: English.
  • Recordings will be published for all payed participants to watch through a private Facebook group, from 4th to 19th June.
  • Certificate of attendance: will be issued as a PDF.
  • There will not be the possibility to pay for the recordings after 20th of May.
  • Spaces for the live event are limited.
  • To book your place either fill the form in the right column or email me at magda@followyourdog.co.uk


After studying and practicing for 11 years in the field of physical therapy for humans (physiotherapy, manual therapy and osteopathy) her interests shifted to canine behaviour and she followed courses with Turid Rugaas and Amber Batson. Now she is combining all these different fields in her own Belgian based business FreeDogz. Physicality and behaviour can’t be seen separately, therefor she does physical treatments on dogs as well as behavioural consultations, both are often combined to come to a solution.

Els is an international speaker and she is passionate about sharing her insights to help dogs and their owners.


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