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  • Data: 21st of July, 2021
  • Prowadzący: Dr Amber Batson
  • Miejsce: On-line
  • Rodzaj szkolenia: Webinar
  • Niższa cena: 31 EUR for just the recordings
  • Wyższa cena: 36 EUR for the live event + the recordings
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    Neutering in the dog.
    A medical and behavioural look at the effects
    of neutering in the dog


    • What are the reproductive hormones of male and female dogs and how do they influence health and behaviour?
    • How are health problems prevented or contributed to by neutering?
    • How are behaviour problems prevented or contributed to by neutering?
    • What is the neutering process for males and females? What alternative options do we have?
    • What learning can occur at the vet clinic that may affect the dog’s long term behaviour and what can we do about that?
    • What other factors should we consider when planning a neutering procedure?
    • If a dog has been neutered and now has developed undesired behaviours, can we correct that?


    • Time: Wednesday 21st of July, 16:00-19:00 Polish time, CET (GMT+1). There will be a short break in the middle.
    • Price: 38 EUR for a live event + recordings or 33 EUR for recordings only (prices already include 2 EUR PayPal processing fee). For PayPal payment use biuro@psiawachta.pl.
    • Platform: a webinar room protected with a unique token/password for each participant.
    • Recommended browsers: Chrome or Firefox viewed on the computer.
    • Oral presentation: in English, with a separate channel dedicated for Polish interpretation.
    • Slides: the slides presented during the webinar will be in Polish. However you will receive an English version of the presentation in PDF before the event.
    • Recordings: the event recordings will be available for all payed participants for 72 hours through a private Facebook group.
    • Certificate of attendance: will be issued as PDF, either in English or Polish.
    • There will not be the possibility to pay for the recordings after the live event.
    • Spaces for the live event are limited.
    • To book your place please email us at biuro@psiawachta.pl


    Dr Amber Batson qualified as a vet from the Royal Veterinary College in 1999 and started studying animal behaviour almost immediately.
    Today, Amber works in private veterinary practice including undertaking private behaviour consultations, but also spending a lot of time teaching animal behaviour and welfare to vets, trainers and animal owners both in the UK and worldwide.
    Amber also works frequently as a legal expert witness advising on cases of animal suffering and where behaviour or training issues are a concern.
    Amber strongly believes that animal welfare can be greatly improved by quality education – both in understanding the causes of issues but also how we can practically improve things for the animals and their owners/ carers.

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